As part of TransportationCamp, OpenPlans is pleased to announce Beyond The Countdown Clock, a design competition for urbanists, designers and technologists to rethink the possibilities around tools that help users catch a bus, train, plane, ferry or other form of mass transportation.

Recent advances in technology enable new applications that consider personalization, use patterns, location, proximity, density and other dimensions besides the ubiquitous “estimated time to arrive at stop” (countdown clock).

This design competition asks participants to imagine what technical possibilities were left out in the past due to (technical) constraints, or what applications of new technology/processes/thinking might help transit users make better, more informed transportation decisions.

Sports Book Photo by Lisa Borodkin on Flickr.

We’re interested in both feasible solutions that can be deployed today, and solutions that might become feasible in the near future. We’re also interested in critical perspectives—solutions that help those without smart phones, help the elderly or other typically underserved populations; or don’t even use digital technology at all.

The complete call for entries is available at Please distribute to anyone who may be interested in participating. Entries are due April 29th, 2011.

Competition updates will be distributed via the website.