What a grid of 50 TransportationCamp session proposals looks like:

Lunchtime program featured Chris Vein, new Deputy U.S. CTO for Government Innovation and Brad Burnham, Partner, Union Square Ventures.

Vein shared priorities for his new “bully pulpit” federal role:  1) convening experts or people with ideas to renew government, 2) ensuring buildable ideas, 3) showcase successes at federal, state and local levels.

Vein rallied the crowd with insights from his years as the CIO of the City of San Francisco—so much so that he wins the award for #transpo Day One’s most tweeted quote:  “You need to understand your bureaucracy in order to use it against itself.”

Brad Burnham spoke from the entrepreneurial point of view – as quoted by Adam Greenfield on Twitter, “the people who think about software and computers are different to the people who think about software and people”.

Fully nourished TranspoCampers then found their way to super sessions running from Social Media For Transportation to Getting Non-Riders to Use Public Transit to Open Source Software for Small–Medium Transit Agencies. Check out the schedule for the full list.

Some enthusiastic reviews of sessions filled the #transpo Tweetstream:

  • “OMG! Just saw an awesome presentation by Atlanta’s own David Emory on a new transit map making software he’s writing at #transpo camp,”  Matt Johnson (@tracktwentynine).

  • “Truly kickass presentation from Mark Gorton on turning the tide of auto oriented policies, development, etc,” Zia AlKahlil (@ziajd).

Mike Frumin got creative with the whiteboard during the subway realtime info session…