It was a long, stimulating day at TransportationCamp East, but that didn’t stop a capacity crowd showing up for RedHat’s Ignite #Transpo talks at We Work Lounge.

Ignite #Transpo hostess Shin-pei Tsay (Transportation Carbon and Deficit Reduction at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) started things off with a warm, jovial welcome and moved directly into the first few speakers:  Andy Palanisamy got things rolling with hilarious immigrant perspectives on the US and transportation in Coming to America.

Alex Bell reeled the audience in a little by talking about cheaper solutions to real time arrival data with Not perfect, but good enough? Cheaper solutions to transit problems.

Then Francisca Rojas (below) shared her research on the state of user generated data in transportation agencies across the nation in Transit Transparency: A Real Time Action Cycle.

Marcus Bowman (below) was on next, throwing hilarious random references (Jet Pack Man!) into an energetic and entertaining argument for harder/better/faster/stronger progress in mobility in Transportation: Evolution to Revolution.

Ana Bayne (Allegheny County Transit Council) “went factoid” with What Transit is about and… What’s market research got to do with it? **Then NYC DOT’s Neil Freeman demonstrated his very nimble social media success story, a tumblr blog account of the New York City pothole season in **Making Potholes Cool.

Transportation engineer and data connoisseur Chris Pangilinan assaulted current transportation planning, saying it’s like “driving with the headlights off.”  Chris challenged the developers in the room to make change with Transforming Transportation in a Sea of Data.

“Professional futurist” Garry Golden ended the show with lots of David Hasselhoff references in From Driver to Captain, bravely suggesting that we channel the Night Rider car a little bit more when we envision (and build!) future #transpo systems. (David Hasselhoff?!)

Thanks again to TransportationCamp’s Ignite #Transpo sponsor, Red Hat.   More photos up on our TransportationCamp Flickr page.  And keep in mind that the Ignite #Transpo West call for speakers is still open—so if you’re coming to TransportationCamp West on March 19th and 20th, get that proposal in now!