TransportationCamp DC is underway, with record attendance.

11:10 - 12:10

Transit Data Standards. Room 113.

Developing Countries Need You! Room 120

Transpo Benefit-Cost Analysis. Room 121.

Gender and safety on the Delhi Metro. Room 310.

Are we representin’? Bikes, infrastructure, crowd sourcing, equity, digital divide. Room 311.

Effective Bitching! Room 312

Customer Service: making your technology rider friendly. Room 313

Alternative intersections: benefits, issues etc Room 317.

Bikeshare system funding. Room 318

Wayfinding best practices. Room 466

Incentivize suburban drivers. Room 467.

12:20 - 1:20

Is there room for open data standards to publish and crowdsource traffic data and events. Open511. With Stephane Guidon. Room 113.

Managing informal transit. Large scale, including developing countries; operations management/dispatching; low cost ITS; tablets, apps and data mgt. Brainstorm. With Brendan Finn. Room 120

Universal accessbility - complete streets. Q&A with a former TSA/DHS employee. ADA answers! With Deb Byvwa. Room 121

How will your phone ride the bus in the FUTURE? Room 310

Transit Thursday y’all! Room 311

How to sway a transit naysayer. Room 312

Tactical urbanism and transportation. Room 313

How to fail a transportation referendum: lessons from Atlanta. Room 317

Transporting Tech: accomodating commuting habits for major companies with major, non-urban campuses. Room 318

Digital Signage. What do you want to see on displays that get you from point A to point B? Room 466

Crowd sourcing transit service planning. Room 467


2:20 - 3:20

Transit Data Standards Integration. Discuss how transit data standards for schedules and real-time info can work together. Main Room North

6 Degrees of Transpo Camp. We will diagram connections between those who show up and brainstorm ways we can help each other. Main Room Central

Bikeshare and careshare, exploring integrated mobility in Buffalo, NY. Presented by Buffalo Carshare and Social Bicycles. Product demo. Main room south.

What the GTFS! How do you use GTFS data? What else can we do with it? Brief intro to World Bank and OpenPlans collaboration in the Philippines. Room 113.

Use of web-based customer feedback to improve transit. New TCRP study brainstorming session!  With Kari Watkins, GT, Susan Bregman, Transit Wire. Room 120

Big Idea! Hands-on. Share. How to make it happen – 1, 2, 3. With Swena. Room 121

Using Social Media to involve the uninvolved in NEPA decision making. Learn something! Open discussion! With @mamakoid. Room 310

**Lessons in facilitating public participation through design of a multi-modal transit app. **With Annemarie Spitz Room 311

Big data visualization demos. Demo your visualizations, keep it short! Room 312

OneBusAway for DC - integrated real-time information. Room 313

Have faith! How to diversify your advocacy coalition without pulling your hair out. Room 317

Marketing Transportation. Brainstorms. Room 318

OpenStreetMap: the “linux” of mapping. Peter Miller. Room 466

Changing drive-alone behavior - what’s the incentive? Room 467

Women and Cycling. What women? How many women? Room 468

TDM Marketing on a college campus. Room 470

Open Transit Hardware. Discussion, demo. Room 475

Motorcycle fatalities: discussion. Room 476

3:40 - 4:40

Open Traffic. OSM, Flow data, DOT, GPS. Main Room North

It’s not about the tool. What business proceses do we put tools into to make them successful? Main Room Central

Flying cars! What does a post-car, post-bike, post-bus, post-train, post-everything world look like? Main room south.

We’re broke! How to communicate with the public about paying for transportation. Room 113.

Accessibility matters: making regional accessibility for persons with disabilities. Room 120

Serious gaming and transportation. Can gaming improve day to day transpo incentives? Room 121

Social media is B.S. Layers of transit communication and marketing. Room 310

Demand response/paratransit with open source/open data – it exits! Room 311

Using real-time/AVL data for transit planning. Room 312

Transporting Tech: accomodating commuting habits for major companies with major, non-urban campuses. Room 313

US Bicycle Routes. Making the local connection and using the USBR to leverage better local routes. Room 317

Who is listening? Persuasion that worked! tell us about your wins with politicians, decision-makers, businesses and communities that improved transit, ped and driver mobility. Room 318

Transit for the R. E. S. T. Retired, Elderly, Suburban, Transit-dependent. Challenges and opportunity. Room 466

BRT in DC area. Rapid and mode-shifting possibility. Room 467

Public-private partnerships in transit/public transport. What works, what doesn’t? What didn’t work but could? Room 468

Bike Share Equity. Anyone want to brainstorm. Room 470

Have you considered a roundabout? Why? Why not? Room 475

Open Data: Managing Risk. When is information too much information? And, Multi-state crash data. Room 476

Any folks here still like a good freeway? Everyone can’t be a hater, right? Can we have a secret support group meeting? Secret location.