A great time was had by all. Watch the video above to find out what people said about TransportationCamp DC. 2014. And here are some more money quotes.

“Tremendous creativity.” – Dennis Leach, Arlington County (Va.) Department of Environmental Services

“People … being very candid.” “Immediacy.” – Frank Hebbert, OpenPlans

“There are so many good ideas.” – Arnd Batzner, Mobility Car Sharing

“How we can actually engage the public, the community, the elected officials in better ways using technology.” – Timothy Papandreou, San Francisco MTA

“Build open-source tools.” – Kevin Webb, Conveyal

“Better transport to better medical facilities. Better transport to work, so more employers come in to town and wages go up.” – Esther Dyson, HICCup

“Make the case for transit through the business community.” – Kelley Coyner, Northern Virginia Transportation Commission “Giving [transit employees] a boost in the field.” – Shin-pei Tsay, TransitCenter

“Triumphs and follies in open transport [in developing countries].” – Holly Krambeck and Qu Li, World Bank

“Convergence of public and private is complicating things, but also keeping government on its toes.” – Gabe Klein, Transportation Expert

“Transportation … as an instrument to creating better cities.” – David Bragdon, TransitCenter

“Anybody who cares about mobility should definitely come to TransportationCamp.” – Joung Lee, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)