TransportationCamp 2015 DC Schedule

8:30amDoors open, breakfast
9:30amWelcome and introductions
11:00amSession 1
12:10pmSession 2
2:30pmSession 3
3:40pmSession 4
5:00pmHappy hour

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RoomPeriod 1
111Transpo All-Stars in Conversation
with Emily Badger (wonkblog), Tim Papandreou (SFMATA), Shin-Pei Tsay (Transit Center), and Gabe Klein (Fontinalis Partners)
113Induced Travel
Let's stop ignoring it and factor it in to transportation infrastructure investment decisions.
120Um... What's Up with These Low Gas Prices?
AKA gas tax reform
308Modernizing TDM
w/Car-Free AtoZ
Arlington & Conveyal
310How do we measure happiness in Transportation?
311Bus Routing with OpenStreetMap (data)
GoogleMaps is neither free, open, nor responsive to bicyclists' needs
Mapbox - Conveyal - OSRM
313Flashing Lights
(Don't) believe the hype! Let's discuss how to study flashing yellow arrows and other signal "innovations" + brainstorm fun new signals
317Another One Rides the Bus
Making the bus FUN SEXY SOCIAL!
Bringing sexy back
318We Count Bikes - Why?
What do we do with that data?
How do we use use it to change the world?
466Neighborhood Ridesharing
How can we facilitate new models?
Idea generation/sharing session - no presentation
467How Can We Make Affordable Transit HOT?
Is it just me or do we overinvest in showy systems... streetcar *cough* ... when more affordable/flexible options would bring more BANG for our collective buck?
468MAP-21 Performance Management
How we'll do it wrong
RoomPeriod 2
111Good Ideas Need Great People
-who are behind urban transpo innovations?
How do they succeed? ALL-STARS! w/ Harriet Tregoning, Erin Barnes, Lisa Nisenson
113Nationwide Open Transportation Data
How can & DOT better facilitate access to nationwide open data for transportation?
-Phil Ashlock and Dan Morgan
120The Way to Wellville
transportation -> health
your advise needed!
308Making Research Happen
[less bueaucratic more useful & timely]
310Better Decisions Better!
Every year the public sector spends $150 billion
311Track Your Stuff with GPS
DIY Connected Vehicle Tracking via Raspberry Pi
313Smart Bike Share Data
Tampa & Phoenix
317US Bicycle Route System
Where Do We Go Next?
318The Next Right-to-Life Movement
Fancy footwork + the right-on-red scare
466Transit Fares WOW!
Technology, Pricing, Integration, Equity
467The CUSTOMER Is Always Right!
468WikiMapping: The Future!
Traditional meeting: Engage thousands (or millions)(or billions)
RoomPeriod 3
111Uber vs Taxis
113Disrupt legacy transit operations software
120Prototype Not Plan
308So You Think You Can Blog
310Inclusivity in the Transportation Conversation
311International Womens Safety?
313Make Walking Fun!
317Let's Have a conversation About Transit and Bikeshare Pricing Structures
318How to: Actually Understand Customers
466Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transport
467Ride to reward: Incentivizing Transit
468How Can we Use Data Collected from Transport to Catalyze Better Land Use?
RoomPeriod 4
111Is LOS Obsolete?
113Rise of the Machines, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Driverless Car
120De-Stigmtize The Transit Bus
308Hacking Transpo Data
310Predicting Highway Speeds
311What Is Fare Payment For?
An Open Standard for hailing a taxi, private car, paratransit, rideshare, etc
317Road Decongestion Lab
318So My Governor Is a Republican...
46653RVICE alerts
walk-bike for the WIN
Teleportation by physical Internet Utility!