TransportationCamp DC 2016: Session Schedule

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Period 1 Building the Ultimate Connected City
Discussion panel with Mobility Lab, the FTA, Sidewalk Labs, Eno Center for Transportation, and TransitCenter
Making a Mobility Measure(s)
Telling better story of urban system performance
Governing Transportation for City Regions
An open discussion: What level should we govern at? What are governance challenges?
Lean and Integrated Project Service Delivery
Reduce waste and add value suing lean techniques
Stop Burning Money on Data Collection
Analyzing current state of data collection and finding better ways
Demystifying Agent-Based Modeling
Potential applications to the modeling of complex multi-modal corridors
Improving Bus Service on Urban Arterials
What can be done to improve bus service on major mixed use urban arterials that cannot support BRT?
Breaking Bad Bureaucracy
How can we cut through the red tape of bureaucracy to create innovative transportation?
Affordable Infill Housing as a Transportation Solution
Increasing supply of affordable housing in walkable mixed-use transit friendly neighborhoods
VMT vs LOS: "death match"
Creating a Conversion
attracting new customers to TDM in mid-sized cities Attracting new commuters using TDM options
#GTFS How to Govern??
how to manage GTFS - the spec?
Learning How to Speak
engaging kids in the transportation discussion Engaging kids in transportation
Period 2 Transport as a Service
Imagine integrated data/routes and mobility plans on an app
Become a Badass Blogger
Workshop from Greater Greater Washington writers who get a half million page views a month
Accessibility and Public Transit
Open Discussion on Challenges. -Ellis Verosub
The MARTA Army
A new model for civic engagement in Atlanta
Open Traffic
The World Bank has 2 TB of data - What's a good strategy? WRI and World Bank
Taking Back our Streets
the Politics of Parking
Public-Private Partnerships: Where's the Evidence?
Open discussion moderated by Jonathan Gifford
Make suburban arterials safer for pedestrians
...NOW, while waiting for land use to change
Would your DOT like an innovation solution?
Interactive workshop on Innovation Engineering
Deconstructing mobility
Interactive brainstorm on New Models
Rapid safety transformations
shock and awe with low cost
Help DC win the USDOT smart city challenge!
$$$ for your favorite city!
Let's talk about Bikeshare Data!
Introducing the General Bikeshare Feed Specification w/ Frank from Motivate and Ryan from SocialBicycles
NYC's Biggest Expansion of Transit you never heard of
Selling Bikeways
My story from Calgary AB - Rock Miller
The Story behind America's First Protected Bike Lane
Period 3 Transit CEO vs the Advocate
Featuring Dr Beverly Scott of MARTA & MBTA , and cctgirl
Mobile Ticketing Madness!
Presentation/discussion/brainstorm. Awesome apps! So much data! Integration! Candace and Chris
Transportation Information Gateway
Software demo and discussion. Data sharing and collaboration for planners. Eric Ziering, CS
Superchange Network Growth
Best practice brainstorm: break through political and community barriers to change.
Regulating Robo Taxis
Discussion. Ryan from Social Bicycles; Tim Papandreou
Planning Better Transit via Technology
Discuss new ways to plan transit better! Paul Supawanich
No More Pen & Paper
A review of Technology to Count Bikes & Peds. Mobile video sensors
Digital Project delivery
Transition for delivery of transpo projects from analog info to digital. Danny Kahler, PE
The end of the park and ride
First/last mile: Erik Weber, Uber; Steve Yaffe, Arlington Co
Transit Subsidy
round table discussion: How much? What mode ? Who pays? Jonathan Peters, City University of New York
Better transit alerts
Passengers want timely and accurate alerts about delays and disruptions. Demo with Ritesh, IBI Group
Winter is coming!
Coordinating winter weather operations across jurisdictions
Aging in place for subways (and metros)
How do we balance transit ops and maintenance
Why automated vehicles suck!
Come fight and discuss
Car free A-Z
Better travel decisions through open data and technology
Period 4 May the future be with you
Communicating transportation options. Discussion, two short films
Sustainability through transportation
What can transportation do to address the sustainability challenges of our day? Mark Teschauer, Meredith Judy, Jessica Zdeb, Timothy Papandreou
R.F.Puhlease... Changing roles of public/private sector
"Easier said than done"
No love 4 cars?
Hosted by AAA
Where do we want to go?
And what is stopping us? What trips aren't happening? What is the impact of roads rehabilitation on economic growth?
Startups on Parade!
Placemeter, Remix, Greater Places
Regional models + Autonomous vehicles (?!?)
Marty Milkovits, Cambridge Systematics
Choosing metrics for evidence-based transport planning
We build what we measure - do we measure what we value?
Will transportation tech/policy/innovations etc exacerbate or reduce income inequality?
a faciliated discussion
Driverless car policy
How can we develop policies so that driverless cars lead to less driving
Have burning questions? Want to know the latest gossip? With Capital Bikeshare
Busine$$ analytics for mass transit
What analytic methods do mass transit organizations use and/or need?
How to make a crowdsourcing webmap using Github and CartoDB
No coding experience required
Camp Meta Camp
Birds of a Feather: TransportationCamp planning meta-session