A tradition since 2012, the Washington, DC TransportationCamp was held the Saturday before TRB, bringing people from across the country (and beyond) to the Arlington campus of George Mason University. The team at Mobility Lab wrote a series of blog posts showing the variety of topics covered.

This first summary, “A glimpse of TransportationCamp: An intellectual feast for transit geeks,”” said TransportationCamp was a “smorgasbord of wonderful topics and discussion.”

Transit needs to find its voice if it wants to finally score touchdowns” was inspired by the “At the Movies” session.

Futurism was a topic of conversation at “Could flying solar pods over Boston become transportation’s silver bullet?

One new thing this year was attendees’ exposure to the many new dockless bikeshare systems: “Dockless bikeshare may be more than a fad, say TransportationCampers

The survey sent to attendees got its own wrap-up: “How could TransportationCamp improve? Attendees give some suggestions.”

The wide variety of topics makes TransportationCamp a unique event. And every year sees new events organized by teams across the country. Later in 2018 we’ll have TransportationCamps in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, and Ithaca.

And of course we look forward to welcoming everyone back to DC in 2019. See you next January!