TransportationCamp brings together thinkers and doers in the fields of transportation & technology.

TransportationCamp is a series of decentralized unconferences held throughout the world, where people of all backgrounds meet to discuss transportation-related topics. Each one is organized independently by their own local organizing committee, and may be held in conjunction with a larger conference or event.

It brings together students, transportation professionals, technologists, and others interested in the intersection of urban transportation and technology.

Transportation is a major metropolitan issue, with direct impacts on economic strength, environmental sustainability, and social equity. Recent advances in technology—mobile computing, open source software, open data and APIs, and spatial analysis—present an opportunity to improve mobility more immediately and at a lower cost than has ever been possible in the past.

TransportationCamp raises awareness of this opportunity and builds connections between disparate innovators in public administration, transportation operations, information design, and software engineering.

What's an "unconference?"

This is not a traditional conference. The session topics and activities are suggested by the attendees. In addition to talks and presentations from big names in transportation and technology, TransportationCamp provides an opportunity for every attendee to be a participant in shaping and leading the event. Be prepared to get involved and meet

Sessions may come in a variety of formats: birds-of-a-feather, lightning talks, open space technology, pecha kucha, and others.

Major themes reflect the backgrounds and interests of the participants. You'll find sessions about technology, policy issues, urban planning, and more.


TransportationCamp, the trailblazing transportation “unconference,” was first organized by OpenPlans with TransportationCamp East held in New York City on March 5, 2011. Hundreds of enthusiastic participants descended upon New York Law School for that first camp to engage in networking and user-generated session topics ranging from "Fixing the Great Mistake… Reducing Car Traffic in NYC by 90% in 20 Years (10?)" to "What the Hell is a Smart Street?".

In 2014, OpenPlans passed the baton to Mobility Lab to continue to organize the annual Washington, DC event and help facilitate events in other regions. In 2019, Mobility Lab stepped back from its caretaker role, and the TransportationCamp has been entirely decentralized since.

Over the years, many dozen TransportationCamps have been organized around the world. Each region's event is organized separately by dedicated individuals and organizations. Many are run by or in conjunction with local chapters of Young Professionals in Transportation.