When: Saturday, August 12, 2017 | 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Where: Offices of MG2, 1101 2nd Ave #100, Seattle, WA 98101
Who: Transportation nerds, enthusiasts, and professionals of all stripes!

Registration: seattletransportationcamp.eventbrite.com

The Mission: Provide a welcoming space and open structure where new ideas are explored, connections are made, and insights across fields are found.

Wait… What Exactly is TransportationCamp?

TransportationCamp is a gathering that fosters open conversation and collaboration between people interested in urban design and transportation issues. It is an opportunity to explore questions, promote new ideas, and network with fellow participants.

TransportationCamp is structured like an unconference, so participants propose their ideas for sessions and/or discussion topics. Sessions/topics are then scheduled in blocks, and some similar or compatible topics may be grouped together, as needed. Sessions may be facilitated debates, open discussions, or presentations. The format is flexible to accommodate all permutations to promotes the exchange of innovative ideas in a high-energy environment. Be a part of shaping the explosive pace of change in the world of urban design and transportation, including disruptive technology, mobility management, streets as public space, equity & environmental justice, transformative policy frameworks, innovative community engagement, and a host of other issues. Bring your ideas and lead or collaborate on a session!

Contact: YPTSeattle@gmail.com @yptseattle

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